What is It?

Canvas is a LMS that will be used by our middle and high school scholars. The platform is made up of highly integrated learning products. Canvas allows schools to build the virtual learning environment to meet their individual needs.

Please watch the video on the top right for a SHORT video explanation of Canvas. The video on the bottom is the more detailed explanation from the Canvas Parent Orientation.

How Will My Scholar Login to CANVAS?

Your scholar will login to Clever and select Canvas. This will immediately take your scholar to the JPS Canvas site.

How Parents/Guardians Can Use CANVAS:

The name of our school district in the app is Jackson Public Schools (MS).

What If My Scholar Has a Problem With CANVAS?

If your scholar is unable to login to Canvas, please contact your scholar's teacher.

Canvas Troubleshoot for Parents

Please refer to this slideshow to troubleshoot common problems.

For additional information on using Canvas please view the Canvas Guides.