What Is Clever?

Clever is an easy way for your scholar to sign-on to all of the programs used by his or her teacher and the district. This eliminates scholars having to remember multiple usernames and passwords

How Will My Scholar Login to Clever?

If your child is using a personal device, go to and click on the JPS Clever link in the top right hand side of the page. You can also enter the JPS Clever URL in any browser by entering

The JPS Clever link is also available by clicking on the Scholars link at the bottom of the JPS website at

If your child has a JPS Chromebook they can click follow the same directions or look for the blue "C" at the top of the Chrome browser.

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What If My Scholar Has a Problem With Clever or A Program on Clever?

If your scholar is unable to login to Clever or has a problem with one of the programs within Clever, please contact your scholar's teacher.

Clever Troubleshoot For Parents

Please refer to this slide show to troubleshoot common problems.

How do I find out what username and password my child uses to login to Clever?

All students use their JPS GSuite account. Username and password information can be found on the Google Account Account Help Page.